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Step 1 to a plant based diet: Meat eating to Pescatarian

So I have a plan, a plan to get me from meat-eating to a whole foods plant-based diet. I first laid out this master plan in my post about Transitioning to a plant based diet, but it pretty much goes like this.

  1. Meat-eating to pescatarian
  2. Pescatarian to lacto-ovo vegetarian
  3. Lacto-ovo vegetarian to vegetarian
  4. Vegetarian to Plant-based
  5. Plant-based to whole foods plant-based

Which brings us to where I am today, which is Step 1. I should point out that I am not eating fish at every meal or anything crazy like that. I am still trying to eat mostly vegetarian at this point, but if I feel the need I am allowing myself to have some seafood. Typically I opt for Argentinian shrimp or maybe some salmon.


I should also point out that it hasn’t been perfect. I visit my parents every two weeks and stay for the night. Last week when I went my mum surprised me with my favourite shepherd’s pie for dinner. Apparently I forgot to mention about my dietary changes. My bad. So I ate shepherd’s pie. Why? When your mum makes your favourite dinner to surprise you, you eat dinner! We chatted after dinner and I told her about what I was trying to do and she was very supportive. So no more shepherds pie for me moving forward. But other than that I have been doing great with the switch to pescatarian.

One of the main things that made we want to start moving to a whole foods plant-based diet was the concept of “minimize or avoiding” things like eggs, meat, processed foods etc. It wasn’t the hard no that is invoked when switching to a vegan diet. For me, this makes the whole switch so much easier. It helps to minimize the defeatist attitude that can follow a slip-up. You’re not entering into something where you can NEVER have a burger again. That said, once I make it to whole foods plant-based I doubt I will want the burger. But in today’s world where I am still making so many changes on my path to a plant-based diet it is nice to know that I could.


So in this phase, I will enjoy the fact that I can still have my beloved sushi. Though, even as I move further towards adopting a plant-based diet I could still have a delicious yam roll or seaweed roll so all is not lost on the sushi front. Which is perfect as yam and seaweed are both are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Overall, I would say I am adapting pretty well to step one of this dietary journey.

Where are you in your own whole foods plant-based journey?

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